Friday, August 2, 2013

4 Tips To Write Quality Content

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A blog is depend upon its Contents and a Blogger depend upon his Blog. Promote your blog by write quality contents for SEO and Readership. To write some quality contents you need to concentrate on these 4 things Content Title, Post Length, Post Images & Write for Readers. These 4 things will promote your content and as well as your blog to the great Level. Blogging is now many people's Career many peoples after completing their education start blogging and use blogging as their Job.

Title Keywords:

To write quality content you need to focus on your Post title. Choose your post title unique and contains max 5 words its good for SEO. As a human who identified by his Name, same a post is identified by title. There are many ways to find new unique and high rated title but i prefer you only one tool Namely; Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Google Adwords Keyword tool provides you very nice service to find unique 3 to 5 words high rated title, which helps you to get traffic to your website and its free to use and also easy to use.

Post Images:

Images plays an important role in any blog post. It provides a better look. It also attract visiters to read that post in which the image is displaying. But be careful don't add max images just add 2 to 3 images in a post and add quality images which best describes your Post. Don't Use big size or Big dimensions images use medium or large size images the default in Blogger.

Post Length:

Post length is very important for Visitor. Make sure your post is fit on Professional Blogger's Post length. Readers don't like a big post because it takes too much time to read and understand it. Write your post minimum of 450 words and maximum of 1000 words its best for readership. If your post exceeding 1000 words, So, write your full post in parts and every part containing 700 words.

Write For Readership:

Readership is very important for a Blog if your to promote your blog you need to have readerships and for this you need to write post for readers. Write a post for reader is very easy. Break you post in paragraphs, its easy to read. Use easy and regular used words in your post because Readers want to read and understand a post in less time.


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