Saturday, September 14, 2013

Counter Strike 1.6 - Public Server Free

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CS1.6 Public Server
Counter Strike 1.6 is one the biggest Online multiplayer game which is played by millions of peoples including little kids. Day by day its users are increasing and promoting this game to everyone. Actually this is a game which can be play for a long time without tiring because we can play this game with our friends, family and even we can play this game with any strange person Online. We can make many friends online by this game. We can develop our team for competition. This is not just a game to play we can also made our own server to play this game with our friends any time. Sometimes people getting angry with this game because they join online server and their skills are like beginners skill and they will die many time without any kills so, before joing the online server i prefer you to set your console command best and understand the game.

Gameplay Tips for CS1.6 and Source Beginners

Counter Strike 1.6 Server:

Counter Strike 1.6 Server is known as Half Life Dedicated Server (HLDS) which can be easily made by following some steps which i have provided in our previous posts. But that was old Method, a new method is developed to make CS1.6 Server but i think there is a problem in that method or files so i made a Counter 1.6 Public Server which have uploaded on Mediafire and you can download it easily. I will provide more counter strike server and Addons soon. Counter Strike Server is basically made to play online. CS Server creating method is easy but managing the server is little bit hard because you need have some knowldge about the command and plugins etc. These all things i will provide you in our upcoming posts.


  1. iss server mein to kch add nae krna na?? non steam wagera waly steps?


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