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BlueMentals Rapid PHP 12.2.150 Free Download

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Rapid PHP Editor is a feature-rich software application that provides a working environment for programming languages, including PHP, HTML and CSS. A configuration wizard at startup helps you create the initial setting. You can choose the primary file type (e.g. PHP, CSS, PL, XML, VBS, JS), file associations, workspace layout (e.g. file explorer only, full IDE) and interface style, as well as locate the PHP file used to check syntax. In the last step you can integrate scripts with the web server. The interface has a clean aspect and well-organized options. Thanks to the file explorer, you can quickly locate the files to implement in the project.

Key Features Software Rapid PHP 2014

  • Improve the text editor software
  • New feature! When Korsch system in information retrieval systems
  • This version is much faster speed and load.
  • Fully customizable text editor, popular and manipulation.
  • Vignetting syntax for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WML, XML, SQL.
  • Support for Unicode UTF-8.
  • Easy navigation via the browser renders the code.
  • The search for functional parameters PHP.
  • Jtsjvy functions, variables and setting the autocomplete feature.
  • Debug (Debug) PHP code by xDebug debugger.
  • Validation by examining the syntax of PHP code.
  • Internal Web server for easy previewing PHP.
  • Complex documents for PHP, HTML, CSS.
  • Save and open files directly via FTP.
  • Connect to SQL databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase.
  • Search and replace with regular expressions.
  • Check Grammar files for text in HTML code and TXT.
  • Code library.
  • Professional HTML editing with autocomplete functionality, review and ...
  • Internal Editor Professional CSS.
  • Internal editor for JavaScript.
  • Support for jQuery, Prado, CodeIgniter, Yii and Symfony framework.
  • Check the PHP syntax fast as typing text.
  • Project management and publishing FTP / SFTP.
  • Full compatibility with Windows 8.

  • File Size:  20 MB
  • Password:
  • How To:  Click On Download Link Wait For 5 Seconds Then Click On Skip Add At Upper Right Corner.
  • Download:  Mediafire

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