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Monday, April 1, 2013
How To Make Counter Strike 1.6 Server Video Tutorial Included

How To Make Counter Strike 1.6 Server Video Tutorial Included Video Video

To Make Counter Strike 1.6 Server You Need
a - Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, processor 1000 ghz, memory 256 ram
b - Internet Connection With Better upload speed
c - 300 to 400 MB free disk

Steps you have to do to make Counter Strike 1.6 Server
1 - Download here the CS 1.6 Server Creator installer and unzipp it anywhere on disk.

2 - Create an new directory on your disk and name it HLDS . It can be named anyhow but we shall use HLDS because it`s classic .

3 - Now doubleclick on installer.exe and when the selection window appeares you select the new directory HLDS . Hit OK and wait a few moments . A blue window will appear on screen displaying the scroll of the installation . At this point the installer downloads and installs all the server`s components in your HLDS directory. It can take some time to do it, depending on the internet connection , so have a little pacience .When the installer finishes his work , check out the HLDS directory and see if it has approximativly 315 MB .If it has , then everything it`s ok and if it hasn`t 315 MB you`ll have to repeat this step .

4 - Next step is to set the server up for accepting non steam clients . In order to do that download you can use one of these methods:

4.1 - Rcommended - Use Dual protocol method (47+48). Download Dproto (latest version) here, double click it and choose as installation folder, the main directory of your server (HLDS). Then go to HLDS\cstrike\addons\metamod, open plugins.ini and edit this line there

4.2 - The old swds.dll No Stream patcher. Download it from here . Double click the exe and chose as installation folder, the main directory of your server (HLDS).

If you want a Stem Only dedicated server, just skip this step !

5 - Next step is to configure te server.cfg in order to make your server work on the internet . Go to HLDS\cstrike folder and open server.cfg with Wordpad or Notepad. Deleeverithing and paste this:

Edit your server name and any other cvar you like (only if you know what you are doing). Save the file and exit.

6 - Add these lines in server.cfg . They will make your server visible in game`s Internet list of servers.

7 - No go to HLDS\cstrike\liblist.gam , open it with Notepad or Wordpad and add this line:

8 - In order to turn the server on, create a shortcut of hlds.exe file on your desktop and double click it. Edit the Server Name and chose your map, port and RCON Password and click Start Server. The hlds.exe file is located inside your main directory (HLDS).

The installer automatically installed Amx Mod X 1.8.1 on your server. Amx Mod X helps you to administrate your server ( change maps, set up cvars, kick players) and shows the game statistics .

To see if it runs properly go to the server console and type meta list . If the message recived is:


..then everything it`s OK.

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