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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Make Backup Of Your All Google's Product's Data: Google Takeout

Make Backup Of Your All Google's Product's Data: Google Takeout

Google launched many products and add backup option in all products but it take some time to make your backup one by one. In Goolge Product Many products are free to use for all and other is available at cost. Google Launched Google Takeout to make backups of Google's Services like: Google+, Blogger, Google Talk, Youtube and many other. The main purpose of Google Takeout is to provide easy backup service to all their Customers and Users to make them tension free from their immportant data in Google server. By the help of Google Takeout you can now easily make backups of your Blogger's Blog, Youtube Account, Google+, Google Talk, Gmail and Many Other Products through one click.

Google make their products more useable for all Like Google Takeout its very easy to use only Three Tabs and One Click and you will get your Data Backup.

Google Takeout Home and Tabs:

Click Here to visit Google Takeout.

1st TAB All of Your Data Or Google Takeout Home
On Google Takeout's home page you can see all your Google's Products in which you Signuped. Below the list you can see a button name Create Archieve by clicking on this button you can make backup your Google Services in an archive file as seen in below image.

2nd TAB Choose Services:
Here is the best option in Google Takeout which is to Choose Service of which you want to make backup. after click on this tab you can select your service after selecting a box will appear in which you can see your available data size and an other option of configuration by which you can choose your product from Google's Product (For Example: You have 5 Blogs on Blogger and you want a backup of only one blog so kindly click on 2nd TAB in Google Takeout choose Blogger and in appearing Box click on configure and choose your blog and Click on Create Archieve button). You can Also Transfer your Google+ data to an Other Account.

3rd TAB Downloads:
In this TAB you can see you Previous and Recent Downloads and also Download your Archive and backups of Your data. Grabbing a copy of your data? Great! We think it's really important that you have control over your data. If you have time please let us know why it is important to you and how we can improve. If you have decided to take your data elsewhere, please take a minute to research the data export policies of your destination. Otherwise, you might import your data into a service that doesn't let it out. If you ever want to leave the service, you may have to leave important stuff like your photos behind.
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