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Saturday, May 11, 2013
5 Gameplay Tips For CS 1.6 & Source's Beginners

5 Gameplay Tips For CS 1.6 & Source's Beginners

5 Gameplay Tips For CS 1.6 & Source
Counter Strike 1.6 is a famouse online multiplayer game in the gaming world and every new gamer must plays this game because its very interesting and popular game. Counter Strike 1.6 was Developed by Half Life in a series after Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike Source was Launched but it was not getting popular like CS 1.6. CS 1.6 has not high graphics it runs on Pentium 3 but Source want Pentium D. Gamers starting CS 1.6 but they use many type of hacking and cheats to get popular among their friends and other players. They use cheat cause they dont have knowledge about this game. Today we will give you 5 Gameplay Tips which makes you gamer.


Resolution is a main part of any multiplayer game and first we also discuss about resolution. In Online gaming you want lag free gaming means Smooth gaming but for smooth gaming you must set your game screen resolution. Keep in mind that large resolution is not good for online gaming because in large resolution you feel that your graphics is better than before but it may cause of lag. Set your resolution small in counter strike any other Graphics Option are not available. The Graphics of Counter Strike depends upon Resolution. So, if you want good gaming kindly set your resolution small then your game will run Lag free.
Choose one of the below Resolution...
=> 800x600
=> 640x480

Aim Size:

Aim Size is an other important part of Online Gaming. For good gaming you must know about Game's aim size many peoples prefered small aim size for beginner for their good gaming. I want to tell you that small aim size is not so good you must choose aim size except small. In Online Gaming other player will move very fast and small aim size will not set on his body so thats why we don't prefered small aim size. So, for Counter Strike you must choose Large Aim Size or Medium but we prefered you to choose Large Aim Size. Large Aim Size is best for gaming and it easily set on enemy's body...


Sensitivity is an Important way to be a good gamer. You feel that On your PC your hand will control your mouse easily through mouse Sensitivity because you used your pc from many years on same Sensitivity thats why you can controll your mouse sensitivity easily in your working. In Online Gaming sensitivity is a way which makes you a better gaming for that you must have a gaming mouse we prefered 2 Mouse Intelli 3.0 and MX 518. After choose your mouse set your mouse sensitivity on 1.5 and play game and change your sensitivity after every 2 days point by point means 1.5 then 1.6 then 1.7 then 1.8 and so on. Set Your Final sensitivity on 3 or 4 its perfect for gaming.

Buy Menu Style:

Buy Menu is a first step to start game after connecting on server. After connect on server, you will buy weapons and for weapons menu you press B and a new black screen of buy menu appears. Some time this black screen become a cause of lag so you must make it easy. You can change you buy menu easily to simple menu like radio commands. Just goto game menu select Option and Click on Advanced TAB and in buy menu type select Old Style Menu and you are done.

Weapon Switching:

Weapon Switching is a way which make you a faster shooter in game. When your enemy is at your front you shoot them by your gun and 1 or 2 more enemies comes to you and you have no bullets in you gun so it's the time to switch your gun to pistol fast and shoot your enemy. In counter strike by default commands you will not able to switch your weapon fast so here is a command just open your game and open console and write this command hud_fastswitch 1 and your done now you are able to switch your weapon fast.

I Hope this will helpful for you but keep in mind this article is for CS 1.6 & Source Beginners. If you like this article kindly share this with your friends...

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