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Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Make Money Using Bidvertiser

Make Money Using Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the best ad publishing network which provide PPC (Pay Per Click) service to their customers. Earning from blog is easy but you need hug amount of audience on you blog. Before applying for Bidvertiser you must make your blog readerful means you must have thousands views per day if you want to earn big amount of money. Bidvertiser pay you for every click and also provide referral program by which you can refer you friends, families and users via your link and earn money for referring. You can easily ad bidvertiser ad banner on your site customize their colors and look like adsense.

Bidvertiser Ad Publishing:

Bidvertiser Ad Publishing service allow you to make money from their ads by placing them on your blog or site.
Make Money From Click: Place your bidvertiser ad on your website and when a user click on it you will earn money through it. Bidvertiser Allows you to get paid through paypal (minimum payout $10), check and wire transfer (minimum payout $50).
Customize You ads: Bidvertiser provides full ad customization to you. So, you can customize you ads with colors and give them good looks for the user attraction. A good looking ad inspires user to on it.
Ad Formats: Bidvertiser gives different ad formats given below.
Banners: Full Banner (468*60) and Leaderboard (728*90)
Skycrapper: Wide Skycrapper (160*600), Skycrapper (120*600) and Half Page ad (300*600)
Rectangles: Medium Rectangle (300*250) and Large Rectangle (336*280)
Mobile Ad: Mobile Banner (300*50)

Bidvertiser Referral Program:

Bidvertiser provides referral program so, you can earn money when your friends, families and users signup on bidvertiser using your referral link. You can also place referral ads on your blog. Bidvertiser Referral Program consist on two Character Publisher and Advertiser. You can earn different amount of money see below...

  • When user signup ad an advertiser and first spends $10 so, bidvertiser credit your account with $5 and when he spends upto $50 then you will be credited with $20 in your account.
  • When user signup as a publisher and first spends $10 so, you will be credited with $10 in your account and when he spends $50 then you will be credited $40 in your account.
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