Syed Hassan Ahmed:Founder and President of Blood Spot GaminG

Assalam u Alaikum! to all the visitors and fans of this site. SO, guys you are present here to get knowledge about our owner (Hassan Ahmed) and Blood Spot GaminG, Syed Hassan Ahmed is a 19 years old 2nd year student of Pre-Engineering. He is a Web Designer and Blogger, he want to be a Software Engineer but before he want to become a Professional Web-Designer, Developer and SEO Consultant. He Lives in Karachi Pakistan.

About Blood Spot GaminG:

BS known as Blood Spot a gaming clan was found in May 2011 by Syed Hassan Ahmed and now it becomes an Organization which is known as Blood Spot GaminG. Our aim is to provide you the best services through our companies...

About Blood Spot Tools

Blood Spot Tools is a free public service company which is made for all peoples who works Online. They will get Free Softwares, Free Games, Learn Blogging, Web Designing, Web Development, Learn How to make money online. Video tutorials on Learning is under development and will be made and upload soon...


  • We Use Mediafire, Sharebeast and Rapidshare as filehosting platform. Because this three platform are best for filehosting.
  • We Only Concentrate On Product Quality Not On Quantity.
  • We keep old versions Of programs. So, if you dont like new version of any program you can return to the old version.
  • All softwares are fully virus protected and tested on our system.
  • Resume download is available in all platform.

My advices to all new Bloggers?

My advise to all of you that Blogging is best way to get knowledge about many type of Languages and Programming. If you want to start blogging so, you do not need any type of help from other people because majority of the people have not knowledge about Blogging. Blogging needs some hard work in a day and some experience in 3 important languages Namely: HTML, CSS, Javascript. If you want to design a Website you first learn it's base which is HTML.
1 - HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language is a language which is very important for website, HTML was developed by W3C Team.
2 - CSS Stand for Cascading Style Sheet it is a language which is use to design a website by the help of CSS you can make cool website a newer version of CSS is developed Which is CSS3 and it contains a various types of new properties and values.
3 - Javascript is a WEB scripting, lightweight programming language which inserting in HTML. By the help of javascript you can make your Site very good because this is the only on programming language which is very easy to learn and very easy to use. Many type of programming in website are based on Javascript such as Notification Bar, slideshow, Blog Posts Summary etc...


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