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3 Ways to Use Blogging as a Learning and Studying Tool

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As all of us bloggers know, blogging has so much potential to transform so many different parts of our lives. Blogging can help us build a career, and it can also help us understand how we think as we formulate our opinions into words while sharing with others. But did you know blogging has the incredible possibility of helping us learn new concepts and study these concepts we’ve just learned? If you are a current student, or merely a life-long learner, here’s how to transform your blogging skills into a learning tool.

Blog About a New Skill That You're Learning:

The learning process is always greatly facilitated when you are writing about what you are learning. Learning a new skill can be tough, but if you make your intention to learn something new public, you’ll be aided by the fact that you have an audience that wants to see you successfully go through the learning process. If you blog as you learn, you can share both your accomplishments and your challenges so that’s a learning experience for all involved.

Open Up a Space For Discussion To Get Advice From Other Experts:

Learning via blogging is very different from learning in a classroom setting. The one problem with using blogging to learn is that you don’t have easy access to a teacher or mentor. This problem, however, is easily solved, if you can set up a forum or a discussion board that attract experts who can help you and help your readers as you learn together.

You Learn a New Concept, Create a Blog Article In Your Own Words:

If you are still not sure how to go about learning a new skill through blogging, be systematic about it. Each time you learn a new concept that falls under the new skill you are trying to learn, write a blog article about it. Explain to readers in detail the theories you’ve learned, but also demonstrate the concept as it is applied. For example, if you are learning how to design a website, write an article about the steps you took. Then, upload and post a video of your screen as you’re designing the website. Offer some troubleshooting tips based on the struggles you encountered as you were learning.
Using blogging as a learning and studying tool can be helpful whether or not you are an actual college student. If you are in school, it’s a great study aid that you can refer back to as you study for tests. If you are simply trying to learn a new skill to improve your career prospects, blogging is an effortless, collaborative, and cost-effective way to do just that. Don’t limit yourself! Good luck!


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