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Team Viewer Corporate 7.0.12541 Full Version Free Download

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Team Viewer Corporate 7.0.12541 Full Version Free Download
TeamViewer Corporate 7.0.12541 has a very interesting possibility is that perhaps for the first time that such a feature is included in the software and maybe even this feature is the exclusive manufacturer. This software instead of using IP to connect to an IP uses IP numbers is similar to the personal ID on this computer software. ID as long as the software is installed on the system or operating system will be fixed Hrdlyly not clear. The most important problem in the relationship that need to be resolved and the IP Valid ID for the target system lasts as long as the operating system has a separate IP. This kind of security software must have been in perfect conditions and that this is not that easy to communicate. Teamviewer in obtaining important documents in addition to the manufacturer's site for security, ISO 9001:2000 certificate to this software is very efficient. The terms of the security will be any problem for the user, security software comes with a 4-digit password. Password each time the software will change the opening and of course this would be completely random. Speed ​​of establishment, even those with connections to the Internet Dialup steps they can easily benefit from this software.

Features software TeamViewer Corporate 7.0.12541:

- he software is very simple
- High security in the use of software
- High speed and compatibility with all types of connections
- No need for separate IP
- Private ID for each computer
- Replace password with each opening and closing
- Being a random password
- Full management on the server
- Limited capability for remote
- The ability to quickly change settings
- Ability to send and receive files between two systems
- Chat server and remote systems
- Optimized to run tasks automatically according to speed
- No need to install software
- Compatible with all fire walls
- Usability of VPN and Remote presentation - Low volume and high speed run

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