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Improve Your Website Loading Speed

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Improve Your Website Loading Speed
Drive traffic to any website is an important thing for website's owner. There are many ways to drive traffic to your site but due to one problem you will loss all your Site's traffic. User may attract to website through website friendly Design, Unique Content etc, but the most important thing is Website Loading Speed. User does not like that website who loads in 7 to 10 seconds they leave that website and its the main couse of your Site's bad Bounce Rate. Bounce Rate is that when a user visit your website and read your articles and bounce from your site after 4 to 5 minutes then your bounce rate will be good. Keep In mind the decreasing of Bounce Rate is good for website means if you have a bounce rate of 45 to 50% so its good to you and your website.

Improve a website's loading speed is not hard you must give some time to your site to improve Loading Speed. many ways to improve your site's loading speed but today we give some useful tips to decrease your site's load time.

Check Your Site Loading Speed:

There are many online websites to check your website's loading speed and other features like security, server status, DNS server working etc. Google Page Speed Insights is best tool provided by Google for free to use, By this tool you can check your site's loading speed and also get suggestion by google about Improvement of Site speed. Below is MY Site result...

Tips To Improve Your Site's Loading Speed:

Site Design : Make sure that you design your site friendly means your site design was simple. Don't add popup windows in your site like Social Sharing popup specially facebook popup window. Site Reacts as your own system when you start your system after comes at desktop you wait for 1 minute for all programmes to fully runs and then you start your work on your system smoothly. The Site Is Same As A computer System when we visit a site we wait for 3 to 4 sec to fully open the site then start finding our need. When we visit a site popup window opens with site and thats a cause of increasing of Site Loading Speed so, try to remove all popup windows from your Site...

Adding Images: Adding images in a site is important to attract user to your site and specially for search engines to index your images. Adding images in your site is a good option to get traffic to your site but concentrate on your image size try to use small image sizes it will good for your site because a large file may take to much time to fully appears on your site so thats why use small images it will appear fast and it is also good for search engines to index your images because Search Engine index mostly small size images first.

Resize Image in HTML: Every buddy add images in their site and resize them using HTML but keep in mind that resizing images is bad for your Site Speed. You add a 1280x1024 size image and then resize it with HTML code but when you open your site browser first read your Image actual Size which is 1280x1024 and then resize it using HTML so, it takes few moment and may be cause Site Bad Speed. So, try to add small images and improve your Site's Loading Speed...

Using of Javascript and CSS: Using of codes like Javascript and CSS is a part of Success but in the view of Site's Loading Speed we preferred External coding files and we also inform you that use CSS and Javascript as a external File not Inline or Internal because using of external coding file browser may easily read the external file Codes instead of Internal and it also a good way to improve your site's loading speed...

Avoid Embeding: Many Site owner embed codes like Javascript and HTML in their post pages mostly they embed many videos on one post please avoid this embeding and improve your site speed.

Plugins and Widgets: Addition of plugin and widgets in a site is an important thing but be alert about it please add popular widgets which are used on many other popular sites so try to use small codes widgets and updated widgets...


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