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3 Social Networks Helps You In Blogging

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3 Social Networks To Promote Your Blog
Social Networks plays an important role in blogger's life and every blogger want traffic on their blog and they done everything for traffic but sometime drive traffic to blog is very easy and you can easily promote it to other without any investment. The top 3 social networks which are using by millions of peoples. Did you ever thing how easily social media can promote your blog and the top three social media Facebook, Twitter & Google+ these three social are the best social networks and also they help us to get traffic to our web or Blog. Today i will tell about how you can promote your blog easily by using these 3 social networks.


Twitter founded on 21 March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams & Biz Stone. Twitter written in Javascript, Ruby, Scala & Java. Twitter was launched on 15 July 2006 and Registration is required to post, follow or be followed.

Every Blogger using twitter because it is the only way which provides you every minutes updates on twitter, via mail or Mobile. Just create account on it and refer to your friends and families to follow you and to get updates of your blog easily.

How promote your Blog complete you blog profile and make logo image and background for twitter profile. Twitter gives you maximum 140 character to post So, try to post 120 unique character and post atleast 2 times. You can follow many other Profile on Twitter. Twitter gives you their cool widgets to you and you can add them on blog easily in sidebar. Widget includes Sidebar Twitter Updates and Flying Bird.


Facebook Founded and Launched on Feb 4 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz & Chris Hughes type Public, Registration required. Facebook written in C++ and PHP.

Millions of businesses are using facebook because facebook is No.1 Social network in the world and day by day Facebook gets many new users and make changes to their interface for their customers.

Promoting your blog using facebook in not hard. Facebook provides you to create pages for your business So, you can make cool and good looking page on your Niche. Facebook Also provides best widgets includes Like Box, Facebook Login, Recommendation, Buttons, Registration Widget and many other interesting widgets. Create your blog page on Facebook add your page like box widget on your blog sidebar and Request your friends and families to like your page and share with their friends and you can also invite you friends via email.


Google+ founded in 2011 and launched by Google Inc, Type Social Networking service and Registration required.

Google is the biggest search engine and one by one it creates best Sites like adsense, adwords, and now Google+ which use by All Google Users and Bloggers.

Google+ Plus helps to promote your blog easily on google+ you can easily setup your Personal and Good Looking profile in minutes, Google+ also provide page option So, you can also create your business page on Google+. Google+ provides widgets includes Follow Badge, Profile Follow Box, Add To Circle Widget and The Best is it integrate it's Comment System in Blogger So, Blogger Blog can be easily enable Google+ direct comment system from their blogger profile.


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